30ml 50m 100ml Square Transparent Glass Perfume Bottle


  • Material: Elegant clear glass enhances the perfume’s allure, showcasing its essence with sophistication.
  • Capacity: Choose from 30ml, 50ml, or 100ml, catering to every desire for aromatic indulgence.
  • Shape: Sleek and modern, the square design adds a touch of contemporary allure to the fragrance.
  • Cap: The wooden-like plastic screw cap combines nature’s warmth with practicality, sealing in fragrance allure.
Capacity30ml, 50ml, 100ml
30ml bottle dimension36*36mm length*width, 65mm height (90mm with lid), 15mm neck
50ml bottle dimension39*39mm length*width, 85mm height (110mm with lid), 15mm neck
100ml bottle dimension47*47mm length*width, 90mm height (119mm with lid), 15mm neck
MaterialTransparent glass
Cap typeScrew wooden like plastic cap
Surface treatmentHot Stampling, Silkscreen printing etc.
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