50ml Empty Forest Glass Spray Perfume Bottle


  • Material: Crafted from elegant frosted milk glass, this perfume bottle exudes sophistication and subtle allure. The soft, matte finish adds a touch of luxury to the tactile experience of holding the bottle.
  • Capacity: With a generous 50ml capacity, this perfume bottle strikes the perfect balance between portability and lasting fragrance, making it ideal for everyday use or special occasions.
  • Sprayer: The mist pump sprayer delivers a fine, even mist that enhances the application experience. Its precision ensures that the fragrance is dispensed delicately, enveloping you in a cloud of captivating scent with every spritz.
Dimension56*26mm length*width, 100mm height, 15mm neck
MaterialFrosted milk glass
Mist sprayerAluminum pump sprayer
Surface treatmentHot Stampling, Silkscreen printing etc.
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