Rose Pink Aluminized Blushed Dropper with Glass Tube Straight Ball Tip

These 20/410 Rose Pink Aluminized Blushed Droppers with Glass Tube Straight Ball Tips can be paired with cosmetic containers like essential oil bottles and serum bottles. The length of the pipette fits for 1oz glass bottle.

  • Fit Neck Size: 20mm
  • Bulb: White rubber
  • Cap: Aluminized Blushed Dropper
  • Pipette: Type III glass

These Rose Pink Aluminized blush droppers with Glass Tube Straight Ball Tips represent a unique and elegantly designed liquid dropper accessory. This product features an aluminum coating in a delicate rose pink hue, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to its appearance. The aluminum coating not only imparts a subtle sheen to the surface but also enhances its durability and corrosion resistance.

Equipped with a glass tube and a straight ball-shaped tip, the dropper ensures precise and controlled dispensing of liquids. The design of the straight ball-shaped tip not only enhances user convenience but also provides a more refined and accurate liquid-dropping experience.

This accessory combines high functionality with a stylish and refined aesthetic. The rose pink coating adds a distinctive visual appeal, making it a practical and decorative dropper accessory suitable for the precise application of various products such as cosmetics, perfumes, or other liquid formulations.

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