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Glass Cosmetic Packaging


Glass, an elegant choice for cosmetic packaging, elevates the presentation of perfumes, serums, and creams.

Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging


Bamboo, a sustainable material, it is particularly applied in crafting outer shells for bottle caps and containers.

Wooden Cosmetic Packaging


Wood, a natural and eco-friendly material, used in cosmetic packaging for crafting the outer shells of bottle.

Plastic Cosmetic Packaging


Plastic, a versatile material in cosmetic packaging, creating a variety of containers, bottles, and caps.

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Frosted black glass packaging with wooden cap

Frosted Black Glass Packaging with Wooden Cap

Violet glass bottles and jars

Violet Glass Bottles and Jars

Plastic Tube

Plastic Tube

Dropper bottle with full bamboo covered

Dropper Bottle with Full Bamboo Covered

Frosted glass bottle with bamboo top

Frosted Glass Bottle with Bamboo Top

wooden packaging boxes

Wooden Cosmetic Packaging Box

Packaging Boxes


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Packaging Box 01
Packaging Box 02
Packaging Box 03



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Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 01
Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 02
Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 03
Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 04
Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 05
Cosmetic Packaging Accessories 06

About Us

OEM Cosmetic Packaging Professional Team
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Uzone is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. It is a manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacturing of packaging for high-end cosmetics, beauty, and skincare products.

We are known for our unique designs and high-quality products in the field of cosmetic packaging. We provide beautiful and unique design solutions to differentiate your products from other brands and provide multi-faceted support for your business development.

Our comprehensive packaging solutions have become a trend and set the industry benchmark for standard cosmetic packaging.


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Our Customer Case

Secured a challenging project from an American brand manufacturer with fixed suppliers. Urgent customization required, demanding special crafts. Despite the typical 45-day process, our boss (David) committed to delivering within a month.

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