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We understand that every fragrance has a unique story, and our commitment is to ensure that your perfume bottles embody that narrative.

From the initial concept to the final product, our skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are at your service.

By Materials

Creating a custom perfume bottle involves considering several materials for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Let’s explore the common materials used for custom perfume bottles, along with their unique characteristics and how they might influence the design and functionality of the bottle.
Regular Glass Perfume Bottle

Regular Glass

Milk Glass Perfume Bottle

Milk Glass

Crystal Perfume Bottle


Plastic Perfume Bottle


Metal Perfume Bottle


Ceramic Perfume Bottle


By Styles

Customize perfume bottles to specific styles such as vintage, modern, and cute, brands can create a unique identity for their scents that appeals directly to their target audience.
Vintage Perfume Bottles


Morden Perfume Bottle


Cute Perfume Bottle


By Shapes​

Each shape of the has its unique aesthetic appeal. The choice of bottle shape often aligns with the fragrance’s personality and the target audience’s taste.
Round Perfume Bottle


Oval Perfume Bottle


Flat Perfume Bottle


Apple Shaped Perfume Bottles

Apple Shaped

Flower Shaped Perfume Bottle

Flower Shaped

Rose Shaped Perfume Bottle

Rose Shaped

Skull Shaped Perfume Bottle

Skull Shaped

Star Shaped Perfume Bottle

Star Shaped

Heart Shaped Perfume Bottle

Heart Shaped

Diamond Shaped Perfume Bottle

Diamond Shaped

Eiffel Tower Shaped Perfume Bottle

Eiffel Tower

Unicorn Shaped Perfume Bottle

Unicorn Shaped

By Body Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of diffuser bottles can greatly influence the aesthetic appeal and overall design of the product. Each type of surface treatment, such as frosted, mosaic, and matte, offers a distinct visual effect.
Engraved Perfume Bottle


Frosted Perfume Bottle


Matte Black Perfume Bottle

Matte Black

Perfume Bottle Accessories

Custom accessories can add a unique and personalized touch to your fragrance product.
Perfume Bottle Pump


Perfume Bottle Cap


Perfume Bottle Label


Customer Cases

The perfume won a huge success from the customers once it was launched because of its amazing fragrance and unique package.

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