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From the initial concept to the final product, our skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are at your service.

By Materials

Creating a custom perfume bottle involves considering several materials for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Let’s explore the common materials used for custom perfume bottles, along with their unique characteristics and how they might influence the design and functionality of the bottle.
Regular Glass Perfume Bottle

Regular Glass

  • Made from standard glass.
  • Clear and transparent.
  • Allows the user to see the perfume inside, and has a classic and timeless look.
Milk Glass Perfume Bottle

Milk Glass

  • Opaque glass with a milky or frosted appearance.
  • Often used for a vintage or retro aesthetic.
  • Offers a unique and softer look.
Crystal Perfume Bottle


  • High-quality crystal glass.
  • With intricate designs or patterns.
  • Provides an elegant and luxurious appearance.
Plastic Perfume Bottle


  • Made from various types of plastic, such as PET or acrylic.
  • Can be transparent or colored, lightweight.
  • Lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.
Metal Perfume Bottle


  • Commonly Made from aluminum or brass.
  • Metallic finish, making the bottle shiny or matte.
  • Durable, offers a more substantial feel.
Ceramic Perfume Bottle


  • Made from ceramic or porcelain.
  • Can have a smooth or textured surface, often hand-painted or decorated.
  • Offers a unique and artisanal look.

By Styles

Customize perfume bottles to specific styles such as vintage, modern, and cute, brands can create a unique identity for their scents that appeals directly to their target audience.

Vintage Perfume Bottles


  • Vintage perfume bottles often feature intricate and ornate designs, which Victorian styles are commonly associated with them.
  • They may be made from glass, crystal, porcelain, or metal, and may feature embellishments like engravings or decorative stoppers.
Morden Perfume Bottle


  • Modern perfume bottles often showcase minimalist designs. They focus on simplicity, clean lines, and contemporary aesthetics.
  • They may also incorporate plastic or glass compositions, and feature functional elements, such as sprayers, and magnetic closures.
Cute Perfume Bottle


  • Cute perfume bottles take on shapes inspired by animals (teddy bears, Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty), and other popular cartoon characters to create a visually appealing.
  • They often feature whimsical shapes, bright colors, cute motifs or playful shapes to targeted at a younger demographic.

By Shapes

Each shape of the has its unique aesthetic appeal. The choice of bottle shape often aligns with the fragrance’s personality and the target audience’s taste.

Round Perfume Bottle


  • Provides a simple and elegant circle look.
  • Often associated with traditional fragrances.
Oval Perfume Bottle


  • More modern and sleek appearance than round.
  • Has a softer and more feminine touch.
Flat Perfume Bottle


  • Typically has a minimalist and contemporary design.
  • Well-suited for a clean and straightforward aesthetic.
Apple Shaped Perfume Bottles

Apple Shaped

  • Convey a sense of temptation, or elegance.
  • Suit for fruity scents to floral fragrance types.
Flower Shaped Perfume Bottle

Flower Shaped

  • It is designed to be delicate and romantic.
  • Appeals to those who appreciate floral scents.
Rose Shaped Perfume Bottle

Rose Shaped

  • Appeals to those interested in both perfume and accessories.
  • Offers a playful and stylish presentation.
Skull Shaped Perfume Bottle

Skull Shaped

  • Edgy and unconventional design.
  • Attracts individuals with a bold and unique sense of style.
Star Shaped Perfume Bottle

Star Shaped

  • Conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication.
  • Appeals to those who appreciate celestial themes.
Heart Shaped Perfume Bottle

Heart Shaped

  • It it designed to be romantic and sweet.
  • Commonly associated with love-themed fragrances.
Diamond Shaped Perfume Bottle

Diamond Shaped

  • Radiates a sense of luxury and opulence.
  • Ideal for high-end or special edition perfumes.
Eiffel Tower Shaped Perfume Bottle

Eiffel Tower

  • Evokes a sense of Parisian elegance and charm.
  • Appeals to those with a love for French-inspired aesthetics.
Unicorn Shaped Perfume Bottle

Unicorn Shaped

  • Serve as an eye-catching accessory on vanity.
  • Appeal to younger audiences who appreciate whimsy.

By Body Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of diffuser bottles can greatly influence the aesthetic appeal and overall design of the product. Each type of surface treatment, such as frosted, mosaic, and matte, offers a distinct visual effect.
Engraved Perfume Bottle


  • Engraved perfume bottles have designs etched into the surface of the glass through laser engraving or acid etching methods.
  • The engraved areas can have a textured feel, adding a tactile dimension, and giving the bottle a sense of elegance and sophistication.
Frosted Perfume Bottle


  • Frosted perfume bottles have a semi-opaque finish that diffuses light, creating a soft, muted appearance. The surface feels smooth to the touch but lacks the glossy finish of clear glass.
  • It imparts an understated look, often associated with a sense of luxury and class.
Matte Black Perfume Bottle

Matte Black

  • Matte perfume bottles have a non-reflective, dull finish, lacking the shine of glossy surfaces. The texture of matte glass has a smooth and soft feel.
  • They are often chosen for their ability to reduce glare and create a more subdued appearance compared to glossy surfaces.

Perfume Bottle Accessories

Custom accessories can add a unique and personalized touch to your fragrance product.

Perfume Bottle Pump


  • Pump designs can vary, including spray pumps, atomizers, squeeze balls, or other custom pump mechanisms that release a measured amount of perfume.
Perfume Bottle Cap


  • Caps come in various designs, and materials to complement the overall bottle aesthetic. They can be simple screw-on caps or more elaborate designs.
Perfume Bottle Label


  • Lable can be customized with the materials, logos, shapes, sizes, printing techniques (such as embossing, debossing or foiling), and fragrance information.

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