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As a premier nail polish bottle manufacturer, we take pride in crafting containers that embody sophistication and functionality.

Our one-stop service can not only protect your product but also make a lasting impression to elevate your brand.

Our nail paint bottles varies in materials, styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories:

By Materials

The choice of material for nail polish bottles can impact various factors such as aesthetics, durability, cost, and environmental considerations.
Glass Nail Polish Bottle


  • Glass is often perceived as more premium, providing a high-end look.
  • It is less permeable than plastic, which can prevent the absorption of certain chemicals in the polish.
  • Recyclable, more environmentally friendly.
PET Nail Polish Bottle


  • PET material nail polish bottles are lightweight, making them more convenient for travel and reducing shipping costs.
  • PET is less prone to breakage than glass, providing better resistance to impact and is more cost-effective than glass.
Acrylic Nail Polish Bottle


  • Acrylic allows for unique and creative nail polish bottle designs and shapes.
  • It is more impact-resistant than glass, reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Similar to PET, acrylic is also lightweight, convenient and cost-effective for shipping.

By Shapes

The choice between different shapes of nail polish bottles often comes down to personal preference and the brand’s marketing strategy. Each shape has its aesthetic appeal and may attract different consumers.

Square Nail Polish Bottle


  • Square nail polish bottles often convey a modern and sleek appearance.
  • They provide clean lines and a contemporary feel.
  • The flat sides of square bottles can offer stability, preventing them from rolling.
Round Nail Polish Bottle


  • Round nail polish bottles are a classic choice and are widely used in the nail polish industry.
  • They are easy to handle, and the smooth, rounded edges make them easy to handle and comfortable to grip.
Rectangle Nail Polish Bottle


  • Rectangle nail polish bottles offer a distinctive and unique appearance.
  • They stand out from more common shapes. The flat surfaces of rectangle bottles may provide ample space for labeling and branding.
Heart Shaped Nail Polish Bottle

Heart Shaped

  • Heart-shaped nail polish bottles are often associated with a romantic or playful theme, making them suitable for certain brands or special editions.
  • This unique shape can be eye-catching and memorable.
Rose Shaped Nail Polish Bottle

Rose Shaped

  • Rose-shaped nail polish bottles themselves can serve as a decorative element, it can convey a sense of elegance and femininity.
  • They are often chosen for products targeting a specific demographic or for special collections.
Skull Shaped Nail Polish Bottle

Skull Shaped

  • Skull-shaped bottles are edgy and cater to a more alternative or gothic audience.
  • This shaped nail polish bottle is often chosen for niche or bold collections, appealing to those who prefer unconventional and unique designs.

By Styles

The evolution of nail polish bottle design styles reflect the diversity of consumer tastes and trends in the beauty industry.

Vintage Nail Polish Bottle


  • Vintage nail polish bottles often have a classic and elegant design.
  • They may feature intricate glasswork, embossed details, and unique shapes, and a brush attached to the cap.
Modern Nail Polish Bottle


  • Modern nail polish bottles typically have a more sleek and minimalist design.
  • They may be made of glass or plastic and feature clean lines, allowing the focus to be on the color of the polish.
Cute Nail Polish Bottles


  • Cute nail polish bottles often prioritize aesthetics.
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, featuring playful elements and designs, e.g. animal shapes, or emojis.

By Capacities

The size choice may depend on personal preferences, such as using nail polish frequency, prioritizing portability, or the longevity.

5ml Nail Polish Bottle


  • Smaller size, more compact.
  • Suitable for occasional use or travel.
  • Limited amount of product.
  • May be more affordable due to the smaller amount of nail polish.
10ml Nail Polish Bottle


  • Moderate size, suitable for regular use.
  • Offers a reasonable amount of product.
  • For standard nail polish bottles.
  • Provides a good balance between portability and quantity.
15ml Nail Polish Bottle


  • Larger size, suitable for frequent use.
  • Contains a generous amount of product.
  • Ideal for frequent usage and a longer-lasting supply.
  • May be less travel-friendly to smaller sizes.

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