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Elevate your brand identity with our customizable glass cosmetic packaging. From sleek minimalism to intricate detailing, our glass containers can not only protects your cosmetic products but also tells a visual story that resonates with your brand’s unique aesthetic. We provide customization options for you to precisely match your requirements of glass cosmetic containers:

By Shape

The choice of the glass cosmetic container’s shape may depend on the cosmetic product, brand aesthetics, user convenience, and product protection. Additionally, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging considerations may influence.

Glass Cosmetic Jar

Glass Cosmetic Jar

It typically has a shorter cylindrical or square shape with a wide opening, which makes it easy to access and apply thicker products such as creams, balms, masks and lotions. But it may not be as suitable for liquid cosmetic products.

Glass Cosmetic Bottle

Glass Cosmetic Bottle

It often has a cylindrical or rectangular shape with a narrow neck and a variety of cap or dispenser options. It’s ideal for liquid products like serums, toners, or foundations, and can be equipped with various pumps, droppers, or sprayers.

Glass Cosmetic Tube

Glass Cosmetic Tube

It is usually small cylindrical (may with volume indicator), providing a sleek and compact design that is easy to carry in a purse or pocket. It’s ideal for cosmetics that directly contact with the skin, such as mascara, lip balm, lip gloss & lipstick.

By Size

5ml Glass Cosmetic Container


  • TTypically used for small quantities of high-concentration products like serums or essential oils.
  • Common for sample sizes or travel-sized products
0.5 oz Glass Cosmetic Jar


  • Suitable for small to medium-sized products, such as eye creams, lip balms, or small facial serums.
  • Common for travel-sized items and targeted skincare treatments.
1 oz Glass Cosmetic Jar


  • A versatile range that can accommodate various products, including moisturizers, toners, and some facial serums.
  • Popular for regular use, and the size is often seen in standard skincare routines.
2 oz Glass Cosmetic Jar

60-120ml (1-2 oz)

  • Commonly used for larger skincare products like cleansers, body lotions, and medium-sized facial serums.
  • Suitable for products intended for longer-term use.
5 oz Glass Cosmetic Jar


  • Larger sizes suitable for body care products such as body lotions, and hair care products.
  • Ideal for products used on a larger surface area.
8 oz Glass Cosmetic Jar

Over 200 ml

  • Typically used for large bottles of body lotion, shower gels, or hair care products.
  • Common for products used frequently or over an extended period.

By Size

The choice of colored glass cosmetic jars should balance aesthetic appeal with functional considerations, such as light protection and product visibility.

Clear Glass Cosmetic Jar

Clear Cosmetic Jar

Provides a transparent view of the product inside. Suitable for a wide range of products which do not need light protection.

Black Glass Cosmetic Jar

Black Cosmetic Jar

Imparts a luxurious appearance and offers excellent protection against UV light, helping to preserve light-sensitive ingredients.

Green Glass Cosmetic Jar

Green Cosmetic Jar

The green tint can convey a natural or eco-friendly image. Additionally, it also provides moderate protection against UV light.

Amber Glass Cosmetic Jar二十四元的

Amber Cosmetic Jar

Excellent protection against UV light, ideal for light-sensitive formulations. Often associated with pharmaceutical or medicinal cosmetic products.

Blue Glass Cosmetic Jar

Blue Cosmetic Jar

Provides a distinctive and visually appealing packaging. Offers moderate protection against light. Suitable for a variety of cosmetic products.

Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jar

Frosted Cosmetic Jar

Imparts a modern and elegant look. Offers a level of translucency, allowing a hint of the product to be visible, but limited protection against light.


Glass Cosmetic Bottle with Pump


These glass cosmetic bottles come with a pump dispenser, allowing controlled dispensing of the cosmetic product. Ideal for products such as lotions, creams, serums, and liquid-based cosmetics.

Glass Cosmetic Jars with Lids


These glass cosmetic jars typically come with a screw-on or snap-on lid, providing a secure seal. Suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products, including creams, balms, and solid formulations.

Cosmetic Glass Bottle with Sprayer


Equipped with a sprayer or atomizer, these bottles are designed for products that need to be sprayed rather than poured or pumped. Well-suited for facial mists, perfumes, and other liquid formulations.

Manufacturing Process

The production of our glass cosmetic containers encompasses various stages, from the preparation of raw materials to the melting, forming, annealing, surface treatment, quality control, finishing, and packaging. Here is an outline of the key steps in the standard process:



  • The raw materials are mixed and melted in a furnace at high temperatures (around 1700°C).
  • The melton glass is subsequently purified to eliminate impurities.



There are various methods for forming glass containers, with the most common being the Blow-and-Blow and Press-and-Blow processes:

  • Blow-and-Blow Process: Air is blown into a parison (a hollow glass tube), shaping it into a mold.
  • Press-and-Blow Process: A plunger presses the glass into a mold, forming the container.



  • The formed glass containers undergo a controlled cooling process called annealing. This helps relieve internal stresses and ensures uniform thickness.


Surface Treatment

  • Frosting or Etching: For a frosted or textured appearance.
  • Decorating: If required, the glass containers can be decorated with labels, coatings, or printed designs.

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