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Our Materials of Serum Bottle

The choice of material for serum bottles depend on the brand image, product characteristics, sustainability goals, and the preferences of the target market. Luxury brands may opt for glass for its premium look, while those prioritizing cost-effectiveness and practicality may choose plastic.

Glass Serum Bottle

Glass Serum Bottle

  • Premium Aesthetic: Offers a high-end, sophisticated look.
  • Formulation Stability: Great protection against light and air, maintaining serum effectiveness.
  • Fully Recyclable: Contributes to eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  • Perceived Purity: Enhances the product’s quality and purity image.
Plastic Serum Bottle

Plastic Serum Bottle

  • Versatile Design: Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Resistant to breakage, convenient for transportation.
  • Cost-Effective: Economical choice for wide distribution.
  • Recycling Options: Increasing use of sustainable plastics like PET and HDPE.
Aluminium Serum Bottle

Aluminium Serum Bottle

  • Modern Look: Sleek, metallic finish for a contemporary appearance.
  • Protects Serum: Excellent against light, air, and moisture, preserving formulation efficacy.
  • Eco-Friendly: Infinitely recyclable, supporting sustainability.
  • Enhances Value: Conveys durability and eco-conscious quality, appealing to premium markets.

Common Colors of Serum Bottle

Choosing serum bottles of different colors is driven by the desire to convey specific emotions, brand identity, and product features, in line with different consumer preferences and market trends.

Blue Serum Bottle


The blue serum bottle invokes a sense of tranquility and calmness, creating an impression of soothing skincare.

Black Serum Bottle


The black serum bottle exudes elegance and luxury, presenting a sophisticated and high-end aesthetic.

Purple Serum Bottle


The purple serum bottle, associated with royalty, brings a regal touch to your skincare routine, showcasing opulence.

White Serum Bottle


The white serum bottle radiates purity and elegance, offering a clean and timeless appearance for your skincare product.

Common Capacities of Serum Bottle

5ml Serum Bottle

5ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Ideal for travel or sample-sized products.
  • Advantage: Offers convenience and portability.
10ml Serum Bottle

10ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Versatile for trial or travel purposes.
  • Advantage: Strikes a balance between compactness and a slightly larger volume.
15ml Serum Bottle

15ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Popular for compact packaging.
  • Advantage: Suitable for short-term use or as an introductory size.
30ml Serum Bottle

30ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Standard size for daily use.
  • Advantage: Balances practicality and a longer product lifespan.
50ml Serum Bottle

50ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Popular for providing a generous volume in skincare packaging.
  • Advantage: Suitable for customers seeking a larger and more cost-effective option.
100ml Serum Bottle

100ml Serum Bottle

  • Purpose: Suited for larger quantities.
  • Advantage: Chosen for economy-sized or professional use, providing an extended supply.

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