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At Uzone Group, we understand the importance of a strong and reliable partner in the skincare industry. Let us be the driving force behind your brand’s success. Explore our cream jar collection today and experience the difference of choosing a manufacturer committed to your brand’s growth.

By Materials

Choose the jar material based on your brand image, product characteristics, and sustainability goals.

Glass Cream Jar

Glass Cream Jar

▶ Durability: Fragile, prone to breakage, but offers a premium feel.
▶ Sustainability: Recyclable, eco-friendly, but heavier to transport.
▶ Aesthetic Appeal: Elegant, upscale, and provides product visibility.
▶ Product Visibility: Transparent, allows clear visibility of the product.
▶ Weight: Heavier compared to aluminium and plastic.
▶ Cost: Generally higher cost.

Plastic Cream Jar

Plastic Cream Jar

▶ Durability: Durable, resistant to breakage but may scratch.
▶ Sustainability: Recyclable, but environmental impact varies based on plastic type.
▶ Aesthetic Appeal: Versatile in design, available in various colors and styles.
Product Visibility: Transparent or opaque, depending on material type.
▶ Weight: Lightweight
▶ Cost: Cost-effective.

Aluminium Cream Jar

Aluminium Cream Jar

▶ Durability: Resistant to breakage, corrosion, and leakage.
▶ Sustainability: Highly recyclable, environmentally friendly.
▶ Aesthetic Appeal: Modern, sleek, and customizable.
▶ Product Visibility: Opaque, limits visibility.
▶ Weight: Lightweight.
▶ Cost: Cost-effective.

By Body Areas

The choice of containers for body cream, hand cream, and facial cream can depend on various factors, including the specific properties of the creams and the preferences of the users.

facial cream containers

Facial Cream Containers

Size: Facial creams, part of skincare routines, come in containers sized between those for hand and body creams, suited for limited application areas.

Packaging Material: Options include jars, airless pump bottles, or tubes, selected based on the cream’s properties. For sensitive skincare products, opaque or airtight containers are chosen to prevent light and air exposure.

body cream containers

Body Cream Containers

Size: Body creams, for extensive body areas, come in larger containers to hold enough product.

Packaging Material: Body cream containers often use plastic or squeeze tubes, chosen for their light weight and ease of product dispensing.

Hand cream containers

Hand Cream Containers

Size: Hand creams, designed for smaller areas and portability, are in compact, easy-to-carry containers suitable for bags or pockets.

Packaging Material: Containers, typically small tubes or pump dispensers, prioritize portability and convenience, often made from plastic or lightweight metals.


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facial cream containers

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