Dark Violet Glass Bottles/Jars

To achieve the dark violet color, metal oxides like cobalt oxide and manganese dioxide are often used as colorants.

Whether it’s round-shouldered, flat-shouldered, sloping-shouldered, or uniquely shaped, our Miron ultraviolet glass bottles exemplify our unwavering pursuit of aesthetics.

Similarly, our lids are crafted with ingenuity, featuring golden plastic, wooden caps, and bamboo caps, each material imbued with a unique texture and aura.

We also provide tailored services to accommodate your individual preferences.

UV Light Transmission Test Report

UV-Visible Spectrogram

UV Transmittance

Test light wavelength range: 300~700nm

Material: Dark Violet Glass

Bottle model NO.: UVG50093

As shown in the picture, our dark violet glass bottle supports a maximum transmittance of 14% for UVA light with a wavelength of about 400nm.

0% transmittance for visible light of 420nm~680nm.

The transmittance for infrared light with a wavelength of more than 700nm increases accordingly.

Bottle Shapes

Our dark violet glass bottles/jars not only emphasize functionality and protective performance but also pursue design aesthetics and beauty, endowing your products with unique brand charm and value.
Round Shoulder Violet Glass Bottles

Round Shoulder

Typically has a smooth, rounded shoulder transitioning into the neck of the bottle.
Flat Shoulder Violet Glass Bottles

Flat Shoulder

These bottles have a flat shoulder, creating a distinct look compared to round shoulder bottles.
Sloping Shoulder Violet Glass Bottles

Sloping Shoulder

Have a gradual slope from the body to the neck, offering a unique and elegant silhouette.
Custom Violet Glass Bottles

Custom Shaped

Come in various non-traditional shapes and designs, catering to specific requirements.

Cap/Lid Options

Our violet glass bottles/jars come with a range of exquisite cap and lid options, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your packaging.
Violet Glass Bottles' Golden Plastic Cap

With Golden Plastic Cap

Appearance with metallic sheen resembling gold. Lightweight and durable due to plastic material.
Violet Glass Bottles' Golden Wooden Cap

With Wooden Cap

With a natural texture and warm touch, aligning with the natural ingredients and sustainable packaging concept.
Violet Glass Bottles' Golden Bamboo Cap

With Bamboo Cap

Featuring bamboo texture and natural color. Possesses antibacterial properties, durability, and lightweight.

Our Featured Dark Violet Products

Violet Essential Oil Bottle

Violet Essential Oil Bottle

Violet glass is especially effective at blocking out harmful UV rays, preserving the potency and shelf life of the oils. They usually come with a dropper or bamboo cap.
Violet Diffuser Bottle

Violet Diffuser Bottle

Designed to hold fragrance oils for use in diffusers. They can also benefit from the UV protection of violet glass. These bottles often come with a screw-on or dropper-style cap for easy pouring.
Violet Lotion Bottle

Violet Lotion Bottle

The dark violet glass helps prevent light-sensitive ingredients in lotions from degrading, maintaining their effectiveness. They typically feature pump dispensers or screw caps for easy application.
Violet Dropper Bottle

Violet Dropper Bottle

For dispensing liquids like serums, tinctures, or herbal extracts, benefit from the UV protection of violet glass. The dropper allows for precise measurement and application of the liquid.


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