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Discover our Essential & Aromatherapy Oil Bottles, crafted for optimal storage and presentation. From the initial concept to the final product, our skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are at your service. Our premium bottles, available in various sizes and styles, ensure the integrity of your oils.
Tailor your packaging with customization options to enhance brand identity. Benefit from wholesale pricing for bulk orders, delivering cost-effective solutions.

Our Materials of Essential Oil Bottles

Selecting the right bottle for essential oils hinges on factors like branding, customer expectations, and eco-friendliness. Dark glass bottles (amber or blue) are favored for preserving the quality and extending the shelf life of essential oils. While glass is generally preferred, plastic may be used for more diluted aromatherapy blends.
Glass essential oils bottle


  • Highly durable and inert, preserving the quality and purity of essential oils without chemical interactions.
  • Provides a premium, transparent, and visually appealing packaging option, enhancing product visibility.
  • Commonly chosen for high-end products and formulations that prioritize a luxurious image.
  • Heavier and may incur higher production and transportation costs.
Plastic essential oil bottle


  • Lightweight and durable, minimizing the risk of breakage during transportation.
  • Cost-effective, suitable for budget-friendly product lines and bulk packaging.
  • Versatile and available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Some plastics may have compatibility concerns with certain oils over time.
Bamboo essential oil bottles


  • Unique and eco-friendly aesthetic, offering a natural and sustainable packaging option.
  • Biodegradable and considered more environmentally friendly compared to plastic and glass.
  • Appeals to consumers seeking eco-conscious and aesthetically distinctive choices.
  • Limited availability and variety compared to plastic and glass.

Various Bottle Cap Options

The choice between dropper, spray, or roller bottles depends on the desired application and user preferences. 
Each type serves a unique purpose, catering to diverse needs in the application of essential oils.
Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

Dropper Bottles


Feature dropper caps for precise dispensing, available in sizes with amber or blue glass to protect from light.


Ideal for accurately measuring and applying essential oils in skincare or blending.


Allows controlled application and preserves oil integrity by protecting against light exposure.

Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

Spray Bottles


Comes with a spray or misting mechanism for uniform distribution, in various sizes and materials like glass or plastic.


Ideal for room sprays, body mists, or covering large surfaces, offering a fast and adaptable application.


Ensures extensive coverage for bigger areas and a swift, invigorating essential oil application.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Roller Bottles


Incorporates a rollerball for skin application, available in compact, dark glass sizes for light protection.


Allows easy, targeted application to pulse points or specific body areas, perfect for on-the-go and personal fragrance use.


Provides a neat and precise application method, making it ideal for travel or everyday carry.

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Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

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